Certificate in Advanced Technologies for Distance Education

C ATE     (2007).   Advanced Technologies for Distance Education. Graduation thesis.
West Georgia University.

This short course was undertaken as an
in-service professional development course
to bring into account recent advances in technologies such as weblog, podcasting, wikis,
and a host of various social software applications.
More than fifteen derivative publications
have been done so far, and these are continuing.
A single-author book is under review.

The following related published studies are

R3405     Kawachi, P.   (2007).   Open
education network blog.
published on google

R3389     Kawachi, P.   (2008).   Advanced collaborative technologies in online education :
New techniques for improved quality of learning
and at lower cost.
Proceedings of the 10th
Computers and Advanced Technology
in Education CATE 2007,
(pp. 367-372).
IASTED Conference, 8-10 October, Beijing, China.
ISBN 978-0-88986-699-7

R3389     Kawachi, P.   (2008).   Ethics in
interactions in distance education.
In U. Demiray, & R.C. Sharma (Eds.),   Ethical practices and implications in distance learning,
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and others