Master of Arts in
Open and Distance

MA ODE     (2000).   Why the Sun doesnít Rise :
The Impact of Language on the Participation of Japanese Students in Global Online Education
. Unpublished masterís thesis.   Open University.

These studies at a distance started in 1998,
continuing on the practical studies done at
Reading University and incorporating some
of my longstanding theoretical work into
Japanese language and culture.   It is well recognized that open and distance education
is a new field. Although done at a distance,
a total of 180 postgraduate fully-accredited points were admitted. At the same time 60 postgraduate
fully-accredited points were acquired for the
Certificate in Open and Distance Education,
and 120 postgraduate fully-accredited points
for the Diploma in Open and Distance Education
with Distinction Honours.

On a competitive basis, these studies
won the Gold Medal Award from the
Asian Association of Open Universities
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The following related published studies are

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and others