Master of Arts in
Teaching English
as a Foreign Language

MA TEFL     (1995).   The Professional Development of the Teachers of English at a Japanese University. Unpublished master's thesis.   Reading University.

These studies were started in 1992 at Reading and then completed at a distance.   A total of 180 postgraduate fully-accredited points were admitted.   At the same time 60 postgraduate
fully-accredited points were acquired for the
Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign
Language,   and 120 postgraduate fully-accredited
points forthe Diploma in Teaching English
as a Foreign Language.

These studies are continuing.

The following related published studies are

R3229     Kawachi, P.   (2004).   Teaching with
technology : Innovation through scaffolding for
professional development.  Kurume Shin-Ai
Women’s College Bulletin, 27
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ISSN 1348-7310

R2265     Kawachi, P.   (2000).   Listening to Other
Teachers ­ The Professional Development of
University Teachers : Case Study at a Japanese
National University.  Staff and Educational
Development International, 4
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ISSN 0971-9008

and others