Master of Philosophy

M Phil     (1980).   Radical Kinetics studied by
Resonance Fluorescence
. Unpublished master's
thesis.   Cambridge University.

These studies were started in 1979 at Cambridge as a three-year Ph D course, and writing the doctoral thesis is customarily completed in a fourth year. However, I was at Tsukuba University immediately afterwards and never wrote up or submitted the doctoral thesis. After completing the first-year M Phil course successfully, I was admitted to the Ph D course. However as a rule at Cambridge, the same results cannot be used for both M Phil and Ph D. Accordingly those who wish to proceed to the Ph D must relinquish the M Phil at that time and are awarded instead the Certificate in Postgraduate Studies. Only 60 postgraduate fully-accredited points were gained.

These studies are abandoned, except for teaching
physics at the the University of British Columbia, to distance-education students throughout Japan, and for co-authoring several papers and 7 books on the clinical kinetics of macromolecules in blood - which share similar physics to small molecules in a vacuum.

The following related published studies are

R3230     with Anastasi, C. [ as first author ] (1982). Reaction kinetics in acetyl chemistry over a wide range of temperature and pressure.
Journal of the Chemical Society,
Faraday Transactions I, 78
, 2423-2433.
ISSN 0956-5000

and others