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C ATE     (2007).   Advanced Technologies for Distance Education . Graduation thesis.
West Georgia University.
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Ed D     (2003).   Second-Generation Instructional
Design in e-Learning
. Unpublished doctoral thesis.
Pacific Western University.
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MA ODE     (2000).   Why the Sun doesnít Rise :
The Impact of Language on the Participation of Japanese Students in Global Online Education
. Unpublished masterís thesis.   Open University.
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MA TEFL     (1995).   The Professional Development of the Teachers of English at a Japanese University. Unpublished master's thesis.   Reading University.
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M Phil     (1980).   Radical Kinetics studied by
Resonance Fluorescence
. Unpublished master's
thesis.   Cambridge University.
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B Sc Honours     (1979).   Hectorís Base and Related
Compounds : Structure elucidated by Nitrogen-15
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
. Unpublished
honours thesis.   St Andrews University.
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